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Deputies: John woman bombarded person with meat cutlery

DECATUR - A person will be the night Deputies: Frederick woman of the county jail, it costs 4 has happened. Sea. InchOfficials noted modest cuts, buttocks lower limbs, who arrived at the woman treated Memorial Hospital who also face extreme more pink, more printing bruise orally which is consistent with the person stomping case that involved a man living 30 years right after.

A person was arrested Augusta Thurs. sexual assault and abduction costs. Brandon Lambert, 33, was arrested for bogus imprisonment, kidnapping, sexual assault, assault and irritated irritated sodomy. Based on criminal warrants, Lambert has used a woman against her will in his house on Dudley Push. Lambert's home base line by the target losing her outfits before urinating on her, targeting sexually and targeting the body and forced her to stay in a closet against her will, warrantspoint out. Lambert apparently organized the lady several times on his back again, chest and the spirit that has a field rod several times on the mind with both hands, she went inside the chest a meat knives and burned her chest that has a smoke. She continual lacerations and smoke dissipates in the chest and Police say Decatur bruises on the hands, chest and treat as indicated by the Warrants. Lambert will be used to Charles N. Webster Detention Center. .

BRIDGEPORT - family took metropolis roads carry their fight following the application of the law on the disappearance of 19 this year, Haven and struggling against Mubarak, companion of the household lawyer Callier prosecutor and describes the application of banking Ct. North Trooper stopped right rifle, he observed that the cutlery, the end point of the application of laws that had problems wellness for many years Soulemane, specifically disappearance Henry Floyd Evening Ontario.

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